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Aval News is the ultimate resource for News & media special students/Parents interested in furthering their education online. We provide information on a wide range of online courses and online degree programs offered by schools and universities across the country, as well as detailed guides on everything from accreditation to financial aid. Along with answers to all your e-learning questions, you’ll find articles by experts in the field, and career guidance to help jump-start your professional life.

Our goal is to provide prospective online students with everything they need to make an informed decision about going back to school. We’re here to help you find a program that aligns with your academic and career goals. Ready to get started? Check out the helpful resources linked to below to learn more about pursuing an online education.

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  • Online Education  — See why online education is gaining popularity among students and schools. This section details the benefits of pursuing a degree online, with insight from experts in the field.
  • Online College Accreditation — Before enrolling in any program, it is important to make sure that it’s properly accredited. Learn more about accreditation and some of the major agencies that accredit online schools.
  • Distance Online education and Degree Programs — Browse available online programs by major. We offer a wealth of information on nearly every field of study students can pursue online.
  • Guidance Counselor — Find the answers you’re looking for from our network of academic and career professionals. You can submit your own questions about college, online learning, or career planning here.
  • Career Coach — Check out some of the most popular student questions regarding higher education, and get advice from the experts.
  • Career Training — If you’re considering a career change, we can help you explore new career options based on your existing educational and professional knowledge base.
  • Financial Aid and Student Loan Information — Need help to pay for school? Get information on your financial aid options and how to apply for tuition assistance.